Providers Child and Adult Care Food Program

Two out of three Sullivan County child care providers participate in Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). If you are one of these providers, thank you. By participating in CACFP you are helping the children in your care form good eating habits – an important skill learned easiest during childhood.

If you are not one the current CACFP participants, CACFP offers technical assistance, food nutrition guidance, and training hours that you can use towards your regulatory training requirement. The only additional paper work is daily menu keeping.

CACFP reimburses child care providers for nutritious meals – this means, more money in your pocket AND children learn good eating habits from your positive influence!


Peanut Butter

Tomato Sauce
Fruit Cup

This simple menu for one day for five children totals a reimbursable amount from $9.75- $20.30!

*if you serve lunch & supper or have school age children the reimbursement will increase

Just one month of CACFP participation can total $200- $500 or more!

CACFP helps:

• alleviate the stress of telling parents they can’t bring unhealthy foods to daycare
• educates parents on healthier food choices for their children
• provides children with healthier food choices
• encourages children to make healthier food choices

CACFP is a USDA funded program, sponsored by the NYS Department of Health, Division of Nutrition. The program’s goal is for children to develop good eating habits, improve their overall health and nutrition, and further educate children and adults on the importance of good nutrition.

As a sponsor, we deliver FREE training and nutritional education to providers, ensuring that they meet the guidelines of CACFP. CACFP is available under our sponsorship to family, group family and legally exempt child care providers. Schoolage and center based chid care can contact CACFP direclty at

For more information or to sign up for CACFP call (845) 292-7166.