Becoming MAT Certified

Approximately 18% of Sullivan County’s day care programs are MAT certified. In 2012, out of 765 referrals, 328 requested a child care provider certified in medication administration.

Caring for children in a child day care program is a big responsibility. Giving medication may be part of this responsibility. New York State Office of Children and Family Services, Division of Child Care Services has specific regulatory requirements for giving medication to children in child care settings. To be in compliance child care programs must be MAT certified in order to administer any medication to a child in their care.

To become MAT certified a provider must:

  • Complete the Medication Administration Training
  • Submit a medication administration health care plan for approval
  • Receive a site visit from an approved health care consultant
  • Complete First Aid
  • Complete CPR

The MAT class is offered by the Sullivan County Child Care Council, Inc. quarterly. The cost is $160.00. You may apply for a $60.00 voucher to use toward the cost. Your MAT trainer will give you more information regarding the voucher process. You will receive eight hours of training credit upon successful completion of the MAT course. The MAT certificate is valid for three years.

Programs must also work in collaboration with a health care consultant to develop a health care plan that will include the administration of medication. This plan must list the designated medication administrant of the program, must be approved by the program’s health care consultant, and must also be approved by your registrar or licensor prior to receiving your MAT certification.

MAT certificate renewal is offered online; however on your third consecutive online renewal you must also successfully perform three (3) skills competencies: liquid measure, randomized skills demonstration and use of the epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen®). This requires that you meet with an approved MAT trainer in order to receive your MAT renewal certificate.

Call the Council to make the site visit appointment with our health care consultant. We provide technical support throughout the process and beyond.

The alternative to MAT: If a child in your care requires medication and there is not a provider in the program that is MAT certified the parent or an approved relative must return to the program to administer any medication. All medication administrations must be documented in the child’s file.

For more information regarding the administration of medication in your child care program please call the Council at (845) 292-7166.