Provider Education

The Sullivan County Child Care Council

The Council Offers online, classroom and on-site training and technical assistance throughout the year for child care providers:

  • Please visit our training CALENDAR page to find scheduled training.
  • Online training are now available from the Council!
  • INTENSIVE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE (ITA) projects free! These projects may include as many as 10 training hours! Our knowledgeable staff come right to your door. We will work with you to create a program/provider specific quality improvement plan designed just for you. Projects may include: Age Appropriate Behavior Management Techniques, Learning through Dance, Developmentally Appropriate Programming, Making Your Program Space Work for You or if you have your own ideas, email or call our ITA Specialist, (845) 292-7166, extension 306. You can also contact the Infant/Toddler Specialist for free ITA.

Early Childhood Education Training Program (ECETP) / Professional Development Program (PDP) at SUNY Albany 

The Early Care and Learning Council (ECLC)

Offers Management Training Workshops to provide training and technical assistance to help day care center directors meet their challenges:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Offers free courses to help you prepared for emergencies by knowing hazards, having sufficient emergency plans and practicing those plans.

  • Learn more about emergency planning with free FEMA courses.

Other sources of early childhood education and training:


Breastfeeding Information for Providers

Create and/or designate a space for nursing or milk expression.

  • Make the areas known to parents.
  • Know how to properly handle breast milk.
  • Communicate your own comfort and discomfort levels with breast milk and feeding a breastfed child.

 Benefits for baby:

  • Human milk boosts an infant’s immune system protecting from common childhood illnesses including infections and dermatitis.
  • In child care settings, children have more exposure to germs and have better protection when they are breastfed.