Becoming a Provider

Are you thinking of starting a child care program? Families in the Sullivan County need high quality child care! You have the opportunity to help families in the community by becoming a family child care provider or opening a child care center or school-age program. You can use the links below to Child Care Aware to guide you through many considerations before beginning the process.

Reasons to start a child care business:
Your reasons for opening a child care program will affect the type of care you provide. This link offers insight into why you might open a child care program.

Preparing for success:
Helps you define how much money you will need, how you will earn it, and how you will spend it.

Helps you plan the training you will need.

Program planning:
Helps you plan the environment and plan for the children’s growth and development.

Gives you local and national resources that will help you be a successful child care provider.

Finding a Location:
Before you decide to use your home for a family child care business or commit to a building for a child care center, you will need to look at indoor and outdoor space for health and safety issues. You will also need to check zoning and homeowner association covenants.

Child Care Aware/Child Care Providers: 

For more information go to NYS Office of Children and Family Services and attend an information session at the Council. Visit our CALENDAR page for dates.