Early childhood is one of the shortest periods of the human lifespan. It is also a time when the most concentrated growth happens. Making sure your child is safe and healthy during this time can be very challenging for working families. This is why it is important for parents to know where help is available when they need it. Sullivan County Child Care Council offers a list of resources to help make this easier.


Choosing a Child Care Provider
Developing a team that will work with you and your family as your child grows can be very helpful. One of the first people that parents add to their team is their child care provider. Knowing how to choose a provider and what to look for in a child care program can ensure that your child is spending time in a safe, healthy and enriching environment. Asking your provider where they are in the accreditation process, what their educational background is and how they feel about parent involvement give indicators of the kind of program you are viewing. Other things to look for are hand washing and fire drills, whether the program has a contract and a parent handbook and how many children the adult is responsible for can give you a clearer picture of how a program is run. The Office of Children and Family Services has a very helpful series of booklets that can help you choose a child care provider here:

Child Passenger Car Safety
Another area that many parents have difficulty with is, well, “the car seat thing.” Knowing which car seat to get, how to install it or even how to buckle your child into that seat can be very frustrating for new parents. The Child Passenger Safety Program offers a great service through Sullivan County Public Health. Find out more at the following website to ensure the safest ride for your child:

Safe Sleep for Your Baby
To reduce the risk of SIDS and accidental suffocation, it is recommended that infants sleep on their backs on a firm mattress in a safety-approved crib, with no soft bedding or comforters, with no exposure to cigarette smoke, and with a room temperature that is comfortable to adults. For more information, visit

Sullivan County Free Immunization Clinic
Did you know that during the summer months there are four times as many people in Sullivan County as there are for the rest of the year? With this increase in the number of people, there is also an enormous increase in disease! Doing things like washing hands often, especially after playground use, can be very helpful in preventing the spread of germs and viruses but your best defense and your child’s best defense against illness is to have their immunizations up to date! Sullivan County offers a free immunization clinic by appointment. You can schedule the appointment here:

The Children with Special Health Care Needs Program
Sometimes children do not develop the skills they need to be able to succeed in school and beyond. While it is hard to see the connection between a child learning to roll or skip and their ability to learn to read, all of these things are connected. Children build their brains through physical activity during early childhood. This is why it is important to watch your child for markers, also called “developmental milestones,” to ensure that your child masters these skills. Your pediatrician can be a great resource for information about early childhood development, or you can stop by the Child Care Council for information about what to watch for. If you or your Child Care Provider see that your child is delayed or not reaching a milestone, help is available through your local school district or, if your child is under three years of age, through The Children with Special Health Care Needs Program at the following website:


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