Child and Adult Care Food Program

Two out of three Sullivan County child care providers participate in Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). If your provider participates in the program, please remember to thank them. By participating in CACFP your provider is helping your children develop good eating habits.

Participation in CACFP:

• ensures that your children eat nutritiously while in child care
• ensures that your children develop healthy eating habits
• requires maintenance of daily menu’s available for your review
• provides exposure to foods that may not normally be eaten at home
• alleviates the need to bring your children food to child care
• results in up to two additional compliance visits per year

CACFP is a USDA funded program, sponsored by the NYS Department of Health, Division of Nutrition. The program’s goal is for the children to develop good eating habits, improve their overall health and nutrition, and further educate children and adults on the importance of good nutrition. Providers are reimbursed for a portion of the meals and snacks that meet the nutritional requirement for children up to the age of 13 that are enrolled in their program. As a sponsor, we deliver training and nutritional education to providers, ensuring that they meet the guidelines of CACFP.

CACFP is available to legally exempt and regulated child care programs. As of May 2012, Sullivan County legally exempt child care providers who provide an average of 30 or more hours of child care per week are required to participate in CACFP.

If you would like information or have concerns about your provider’s participation in CACFP, please contact our office at (845) 292-7166.

You can also find additional resources on the Department Of Health Resources for Child Care Staff and Parents page.