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PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program

Since the program’s inception in 1998, PRASAD CDHP’s mobile dental clinic conveniently visits county schools and is able to provide dental health education and preventive and restorative dental services without parents needing to take time off from work or to find transportation. The program is a clear benefit in a county where there is no public transportation and many low income children.

When children grow up with a lack of attention to dental health, they will likely continue this way into adulthood. Within many families living in poverty, poor and missing teeth often become a cultural norm, perpetuating the cycle into future generations.

PRASAD CDHP has provided dental health education or dental treatment to more than 76,000 children over the years.

Most of the children visit the mobile dental clinic on their own during school hours, a testament to the degree to which parents trust PRASAD CDHP, and the confidence the children feel receiving dental care.

PRASAD CDHP has received many awards. In January, PRASAD CDHP became the sole entity to have received the New York State Dental Foundation “Give Kids A Smile Award” four times. The award was given in recognition of PRASAD CDHP’s excellence in providing oral health care for children in New York State.

PRASAD CDHP’s dental services include cleanings, fillings, x-rays, extractions, sealants, cavity prevention, fluoride treatment and restorative dental care treatment. Children ages six months through 18 years of age are eligible. PRASAD CDHP accepts most insurance plans including Medicaid. An appointment is required to receive any type of dental care. For more information, please call 845-434-0376.