The Sullivan County Child Care Council works diligently in Sullivan County to promote quality, affordable, accessible child care. Through our efforts, the community and employers have access to many child care related services. The Council serves employers and the community through many avenues including:

Additional Services

The Council can also provide additional educational opportunities for agencies, groups, and employers in Sullivan County. These opportunities include:

  • Public speaking/workshop opportunities: Council educators are available to speak at your group meetings or one-on-one on topics regarding high quality child care and its positive impact on our community. Email or call 845-292-7166 to request a meeting.
  • Educational flyers, pamphlets, and brochures: The Council can provide a wide array of materials for distribution to your group or employees on quality child care issues. Email or call 845-292-7166 to request material.

Research on the Impact of Child Care on the Community

Research has shown that quality child care has a positive impact on a region’s economy, its quality of life, its attractiveness to new business, and its ability to attract and retain skilled labor.

Links to Our Community Partners

Consider your organization a partner of the Council? Consideration for linking will be extended to organizations supporting the mission of the Sullvian County Child Care Council, Inc. Go to HOME to read our mission.